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Cyber Security Is More Important Now Than Ever Before

By May 23, 2022August 11th, 2023No Comments

The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) launched a new cybersecurity certification programme to recognise enterprises that have adopted and implemented good cybersecurity practices. The certification programmes: Cyber Essentials recognises enterprises that have put in place good cyber hygiene measures, while the Cyber Trust mark is a mark of distinction to recognise enterprises with comprehensive cybersecurity measures and practices. Cyber Essentials is targeted at Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) – which tend to have limited IT and/or cybersecurity expertise and resources – and helps them prioritise the baseline cybersecurity measures needed to safeguard their systems and operations from common cyber-attacks.

As technology advances, so do online scams. Over the past four months at least 154 people have fallen prey to a “recurring tech support scam”, with losses amounting to at least S$7.1 million. In a joint announcement, the Singapore Police Force and the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) warned the public of scammers who approach victims under the pretext of assisting them with computer or Wi-Fi network issues. These scammers gain access through your internet banking and SingPass access.

Nearly four in 10 people in Singapore, or 37 per cent, reported being victims of at least one cyber-security incident in 2020, according to findings from the CSA’s Cybersecurity Awareness Survey released on Monday (June 28). CSA chief executive David Koh said that even as the Covid-19 pandemic has led to more day-to-day activities being conducted digitally, “it is important that we are all aware of and adopt good cyber hygiene to stay safe online in the light of our greater digital footprint”. Thus, it is crucial to have in place a reliable cybersecurity system and ensure that the websites visited practices good cyber hygiene.

So, why should your organisation apply?

  • It is tailored to your enterprise’s cybersecurity needs
  • Simplifies cybersecurity by prioritising the measures to focus on first
  • Guides your enterprise to implement cyber hygiene measures against common cyber-attacks
  • Provides recognition of your cybersecurity practices

Join us in building a stronger security foundation in Singapore, get CSA certified.

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