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Cyber Watch

Why Cyber Watch by Contfinity?

Contfinity is an established and trusted player in Singapore’s cybersecurity industry. Our experienced team of industry-certified consultants have a proven track record of helping SMEs achieve cybersecurity certification.

Walking With You Every Step Of Your Cybersecurity Journey

  • Customer-focused service
  • Extensive domain expertise
  • Innovative and progressive vision

Bringing Class-Leading Cyber Technology To You

  • Extensive partner ecosystem
  • Flexible and scalable solutioning
  • Strengthen cyber resilience at your own pace

Making An Investment That Reaps Good Returns

  • Flexible and competitve pricing models
  • Option of bundled packages for better value
  • Continue to drive the business while being protected

All-round Protection

As cyber threats and attack vectors become more sophisticated, businesses need to stay many steps ahead. Cyber Watch offers a comprehensive range of solutions for businesses to be cyber-secure and stay cyber-secure. Details of the following products coming your way soon.

Cyber Watch PhishNab

Are your employees able to outsmart social engineering and phishing threats?

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Cyber Watch Plan B

If your business data is compromised and made inaccessible, do you have Plan B?

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Cyber Watch ProtectU

Does your business’ frontline defense give 24x7 protection and peace of mind?

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Cyber Watch Radar

Coming soon...

Cyber Watch Respond

Coming soon...

Cyber Watch Check+

Coming soon...