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Secure Your Business With SG Cyber Safe Programmes

While technological advances have brought about immense benefits for all, they have also resulted in organizations and societies being vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Under the SG Cyber Safe Programme, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) has developed Cyber Essentials, Cyber Trust, and Cybersecurity Health Plan schemes to help organizations strengthen their cybersecurity resilience and better protect against cyber threats and attacks.

Contfinity supports the SG Cyber Safe Programme and stands ready to help your organization be cyber-secure and stay cyber-secure.

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What Contfinity Offers

Contfinity has helped many organizations across industry verticals achieve cybersecurity certification.Specifically, we offer three cybersecurity consultancy services that lead to Cyber Essentials Mark or Cyber Trust Mark certification by CSA.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is suitable for organizations starting out in digitalization and cybersecurity. The program helps them prioritize essential cybersecurity measures to protect against common cyber attacks. The Cyber Essentials Mark awarded by CSA upon program completion serves as a badge to recognize the organization’s good cyber hygiene practices.

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Cyber Trust

Cyber Trust is suitable for organizations with higher cybersecurity risk profiles and more extensive digitalized operations. The program guides them to understand their cybersecurity risks and identify relevant measures to address the risks. CSA awards the Cyber Trust Mark to organizations upon successful program completion, which provides a pathway to international cybersecurity standards (such as ISO/IEC 27001).

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Cybersecurity Health Plan

Supported by Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA)

This CSA program comes with funding support to help SMEs develop cybersecurity health plans. Consultants onboarded by CSA will help SMEs improve cyber resilience through cyber health “checkups”, enabling them to work towards Cyber Essentials or Cyber Trust certifications.

Contfinity has been onboarded as a CISO as-a-Service (CiSOaas) consultant for Cybersecurity Health Plan.

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How Cyber Essentials / Cyber Trust
Certifications Benefit Your Organization

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Trust certifications provide multiple benefits for your organization, including:

Why Contfinity?

Contfinity is an established and trusted player in Singapore’s cybersecurity industry. Our experienced team of industry-certified consultants have a proven track record of helping SMEs achieve cybersecurity certification.

Track record helping SMEs achieve cybersecurity certifications

Dedicated support from team of industry experts

Established player in Singapore's cybersecurity industry