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A Contfinity’s POV: Benefits Of Cyber Essentials

By July 1, 2022August 11th, 2023No Comments

After being Cyber Essentials mark certified, the benefits of having cyber precautionary measures have since been amplified to us. We now see an even greater importance of being cyber secure from a consumers’ perspective along with a strategy to input these cybersecurity plans. Having technology as part of our everyday lives puts our cyber safety at great risk. But having undergone the certification process, Contfinity has benefitted and gained a deeper understanding of the importance of implementing a checklist of good practices and protection.

Strengthened Security Posture and Increased Confidence

The process of applying for the certification has allowed Contfinity to step up our precautionary measures and take additional steps to secure our cyber practices. With good cyber hygiene practices, it allowed us to maintain an up-to-date asset inventory, identify vulnerabilities associated with any particular asset, and quickly resolve security gaps. Cyber hygiene supports a range of proven security practices that improve data protection, protecting consumer data and in turn increasing both our confidence and our clients’.

Build Resilience in Our IT Infrastructure

As new technologies such as AI, IoT, multi-cloud, and 5G emerge, they create cyber vulnerabilities for organizations and provide more advanced weapons for criminals. Building resilience against such threats is crucial as this provides protection against 80% of these cyber-attacks. With the acceleration of digital transformation, Contfinity have transitioned from “reactive” to “proactive” to account for both planned and unplanned outages. By taking multiple different processes and technical solutions to protect our company, it has thus enabled the possibility of a new level of resilience in our IT infrastructure.

Enablement of Our Human Resources

We believe cybersecurity is as much about humans as it is about technology. Employees are the first line of defence, and organizations that cultivate human-centric cybersecurity see fewer breaches and faster times to detect and respond. Since being certified, our employees – both in tech and non-tech have been seen taking significant, proactive steps in creating a culture attuned to cybersecurity values and risks. Our employees are becoming more aware of the effects of using digital technology in their everyday lives and taking cybersecurity issues that come with it seriously. We couldn’t be prouder of them!

Reduce the Chance of Operation Disruption

With regular updating and backup of our software and essential data, we can reduce chances of operation disruptions. Whilst our IT administrators are already amazing at what they do, this process has enhanced and improve their visibility into all software installed and used on our network, so it can be further managed or removed. They are able to better identify issues within our network and cyber space.

Meet Compliance Requirements

With identification and prioritization of security risks, our IT team was able to easily track and report on our security status and ensure that it’s always aligned with regulatory and compliance requirements. This has allowed Contfinity to become better prepared for auditing periods and to simplify the tracking of our requirements.

Apart from experiencing the benefits that come with the Cyber Essentials mark certification, it also gave us new insight to understanding the cruciality of securing and protecting our assets, updating, backing up and responding from a consumers’ point of view. Security is not a one-time thing. With the physical and digital worlds colliding, the protection of cyber-physical systems will be the biggest challenge yet over the next two years. As we continue to enhance and improve our way of absorbing technology and utilising it in our everyday lives, we should also stay alert to the possible risk that they may bring us. Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT issue; it is now a core area of business risk. Everyone has a part to play to ensure a cyber safe world. Get Cyber Essentials mark certified, discover the benefits today.

Pictured below is Security 360 – a guildline and checklist to help you acheive good cybersecurity practices and protection.
Image credits: Hacking Articles (Ignite Technologies).